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Welcome to the new renaissance!

the new renaissance (tnr), an independent, unsponsored, eclectic literary magazine, publishes three issues per volume in an 18 – 20-month period. Each issue features a lead article on a political or sociological topic, written by an professional writer or expert in the field, often with accompanying black & white photographs; a diverse mix of fiction, with one or two bilingual stories in each volume; poetry in a variety of styles, tones, and visions, including bilingual poems in every issue; reproductions of paintings, drawings, lithographs, sculptures, etchings, etc., ranging from abstraction expression to surrealism; essays (or essay/reviews) on topics from art to science; reviews of small or university press books, and, occasionally, cartoons.

tnr is 6 by 9”, with a duotone or 4-colour cover; issues range from 144 to 184 pp. We publish established, emerging, and new writers and are committed to showcasing work on its merits, not on preconceived ideas about style or trends. First published in October 1968, tnr, with its cosmopolitan approach, has published writers and/or artists from more than 44 countries in more than 36 foreign languages and eight (8) different alphabets. Its appeal is to the general, sophisticated reader.

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current issue : fall 2009
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